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Magicvoidpointers is my site for posting software and libraries under development.

Here, I host my various open source utility programs and libraries, and point to other software that I've developed over the past 5 years of hobby coding. In addition, I have some blog posts, FAQs, and general philosophical rants about development.

About Me

My name's Aaron Schinder. When I'm messing around on the internet, I usually go by MadRocketSci. You can contact me at aschinder@amssolarempire.com.

I am an aerospace engineer/plasma physicist by education, but I've also been programming computers since a young age. For about the past 4 years, I have been building some more serious compiled libraries and math utilities.

Recently, for work, I've learned how to program the GPU with NVIDIA's cuda API. I've been learning how to use modern OpenGL, and have posted my first graphical application to the Steam game store. As the name of the website implies, I'm most familiar and comfortable with the C/C++ programming languages, though I've also done things in python (ML stuff), matlab, and fortran.

My resume is on my main website: amssolarempire.com